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Renewables & Off-Grid Power

Off Grid Integrated Power Solutions

We provide custom build integrated renewable solutions. All of our services comply to the highest standards and are endorsed by Australian Charter engineers.

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Our Products for rural areas:
Our integrated solar power systems:

  • Village50 is for 50 houses;
  • Village100 is for 100 houses;
  • Schools, Health Centres, Police & Government Stations.
  • Solar systems for business such as Hotels to save on
  • Energy.
  • Off-grid power systems for remote water treatment and
  • water desalination plants.

We design, install, monitor and maintain for you.

EAPCA aims to provide technical services with sound engineering analysis, prudent reviews, and feedback to Clients to assist in managing technical issues such as:

  • Understanding and mitigating technical and commercial risks associated with gas/oil production,
  • Understanding the technical costs involved in project development,
  • Track and QC capital spend involved with technical services/assets,
  • Adequately query operators/partners on various project development charges/expenses passed onto from Operations to clients,
  • The technical aspects of reservoir development and production,
  • Provide technical support services on behalf of clients to partners and external stakeholders (e.g. Financiers, Government, and relevant Departments),
  • Production profiling/forecasting; and
  • Hydrocarbon (Gas & Oil) reserves assessments.
  • Reviews and feedback of various field development planning for the various fields that will feed into the LNG Project, Petrochemical plants, and power generations.
  • Review for mergers, acquisitions & Farm-ins into Petroleum Exploration or development licenses in Asia/Pacific. Specialised areas are PNG, NZ and Australia.
  • Review details of the development costs with Joint-venture partners.

Underground Gas Storage Development Projects

  • Evaluation of reservoirs for underground gas storage development
  • Strategic reviews of gas storage projects
  • Development Plans for underground gas storage projects,
  • Risk Reviews for gas storage
  • Operations plans,
  • Implementation of underground gas storages plans,
  • Monitoring and evaluations of underground gas storage performances,
  • Regulatory requirements and analysis of the underground gas storage plans.
  • Gas storage to provide supplementary gas for LNG and Power Generation.

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